Cyclo-Computer Mount Repair

Computer Mounted

A few months ago I broke my Sigma 1600 computer when it (and the rest of the bike) unexpectedly met a stream bank.  The computer still worked, but one of the mounting ears was missing.  Initially I just used a pair of zip-ties to hold the computer to the mount, but the zip-ties moved around a bit, I wasn’t confident that the zip-ties would hold on rough trails, and it wasn’t easy to remove the computer from the mount.

Zip-tie Repair

As many of you know, inner tubes are very useful for a number of purposes other than holding air in your tires.  My new mount uses a standard 26 x 2″ mountain tube (I’m guessing it is a 2″ tube, I found it on the trail), and that is it.  I just cut a length of tube, cut a window for the computer display, and then another hole to fit around the mount base.  Normally I’d give a procedure or some simple instructions, but since all you have to do is cut two holes in an inner tube I’ll just post some photos:

Broken Computer

Broken Mounting Tab

Cut Tube and Computer

The cut tube prior to installation on the mount

Inner Tube Mount

Inner tube mount installed

Computer Mounted

Computer Mounted (with the buttons still easily accessible)

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